16:Check your progress

This chapter is a questionnaire to test our progress. This will tell us where we stand and where we lack in attaining Nirvana. This is similar to the Graduation system  in chapter 10. In Graduation System we observed our progress step by step. The system is simple and very easy to follow and understand. In this chapter we check our progress in parallel in all the levels discussed in Graduation System. We can observe that the Noble Eight Fold path has eight aspects to a single path and all the aspects are followed in parallel to attain Nirvana. So, those who have thought that ten years to Nirvana mentioned in Graduation System is very difficult or impossible should reconsider it to a far lesser time with proper discipline, understanding and guidance.

So, let us check our progress. Most of the answers are expected in affirmative.

  • Are you free from greed?         Y/N
  • Are you free from anger?         Y/N
  • Are you free from delusion?    Y/N
  • Where do you place yourself in the world system? (You can place yourself in more than one world that dominate most of your life) Gods / Titans/ Human / Animal / Hungry Ghosts / Hell
  • Are you aware of your actions? Y/N
  • Are you aware of your thoughts? Y/N
    • If yes, then Are you able to subdue unhealthy thoughts and develop good thoughts? Y/N
  • Are you aware when your senses have contact with its corresponding objects? Y/N
  • Are you able to control your thoughts that flow when there is sense contact with its sense object? Y/N
  • Are you aware of the impermanence of events, objects around you when you interact with them? Y/N
  • Are you aware of anatta (no permanent soul) when you refer to yourself or think of yourself? Y/N
  • Are you aware of Dukkha associated with attaching to the concept of self and thinking of things as permanent when in fact they are impermanent? Y/N
  • Do you accept the concept of Karma and believe in it? Y/N
  • Do you accept the concept of rebirth? Y/N
  • Do you accept the concept of Dependant Origination? Y/N
  • Do you understand what Nirvana is? Y/N
  • Do you want to attain Nirvana? Y/N
  • If yes,
    • Do you  want to be a monk? Y/N
    • Do you want to remain a layman and enjoy sense pleasures? Y/N
    • Do you want to remain a layman but want to be strict like a monk? Y/N
  • If No, do you want to just be free of Dukkha, but do not want any of the above choices? Y/N

4 responses to “16:Check your progress”

  1. Hi!
    Great job guys .. i really like to appreciate your work.. all Parts are nicely explained .. i like Part III .. nice one dude . keep it up .. keep updating !!!


  2. HI,

    I just read the introduction .. I have to finish reading other things ..
    I think i can get help for the answers i was searching ..
    Great work & triple gem bless you !



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