Category: Attaining Nirvava

  • 11: Graduation System

    What is the graduation System? Why was it needed? We found after 4 years of practicing Buddhism, that we were unable to judge the progress we made in these years. We found our education system very effective in telling our progress and also motivating us for further progress. The graduation System that we devised to […]

  • 10: Rebirth:

    Rebirth is transfer of life from one physical body to another. Normally soul is supposed to be a permanent entity residing in the body of a living being that differentiates it from non-living things. When a living being dies that soul leaves the body and finds another body to be reborn as another living being. […]

  • 9: Karma or Kamma

    What is Karma? Karma or kamma in simple sense is any action that can have a good or bad future effects. It is sometimes referred as cause eg. “Whatever is happening in your life is because of your good karma or bad karma”. Similarly karma is also referred as effect eg. “What is happening to you is your karma”. This […]

  • 8: The Insight Chart

    This Insight Chart is adapted from ‘Dependent Origination’ or ‘Wheel of Life’ chart ? On the day Buddha attained Nirvana, during his meditation, he saw the true nature of all things and why people are unhappy. He understood the dependent origination. One thing leads to other and it forms a cycle which is difficult to […]

  • 7: Dependent Origination

    The ‘Dependent Origination’ is also known as The ‘Wheel Of Life’ or Bhavachakra. It shows how and why beings suffer due to their karma or willful actions. At the center of the chart there is A pig with its ears falling over its eyes representing ignorance / delusion, A cock who feeds continuously representing greed […]

  • 6: Meditation on Brahma Viharas

    Karuna, Metta, Upekka and Mudita are four kinds of Brahma Viharas or heavenly abodes (or states of mind). Essence of any one of them cannot be grasped without knowing the other three Brahma Viharas. Karuna: Karuna is compassion for all people and beings who are less gifted than us and are suffering. It helps us […]

  • 5: The Practice Chart

    The aim of this chart is to be aware of our deeds/karma as it is being done. In our daily life we are not aware whether what we have done is good or bad karma. With the help of this chart we can see all the karma that we have done after it has been […]

  • 4: Meditation

    You have to let it all go, Neo, fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind. –Morpheus We have dedicated a separate chapter to meditation techniques recommended by the Buddha. Although there are many other meditation techniques that can get you concentrated quickly or get you into a higher meditative states, but can lead you to […]

  • 3: Noble Eight Fold Path

    You have been down there, Neo. You know that road. You know exactly where it ends. And I know that’s not where you want to be… –Trinity Noble Eight Fold Path Sila (Morality) 1.  Right Action 2.  Right Speech 3.  Right Livelihood Samadhi (Concentration) 1.  Right Effort 2.  Right Awareness 3.  Right Meditation Panna (Wisdom) […]

  • 2: Basics & Four Noble Truth

    Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth. –Spoon Boy This chapter will give you the basic information you need to know to achieve Nirvana or to lead a life free from suffering. This chapter is also the base for the rest of the book. Actually Four […]