Author’s Note

I’ve been looking for you, Neo. I don’t know if you’re ready to see what I want to show you, but unfortunately you and I have run out of time.


I, Milind Lokde and my friend, Bhushan Gawai have been devising a way to remember the Buddhist teachings so that everyone can practice them easily. We made it into a book so that everyone can benefit from our experience of practicing Buddhism.

This book  is intended for both Buddhist and non-Buddhists. The motivation behind writing this book is that being a Buddhist we knew a lot about Buddhism and Buddha, but when it came to practicing Buddhism in daily life, it became very difficult. Sometimes there was no following the five precepts, no prayers and no meditation at all. Buddhism is a way of life and not a religion unlike other religions. Unless you follow the path, unless you practice Buddhism, there is no Buddhism.

We have tried to practice Buddhism in daily life since last 3-4 years and we found it very difficult to do so. At times, we were practicing meditation and discussing it and at times debating Buddhist philosophy. At times, we felt we were going nowhere. Then we decided to follow only what is important, can be done easily, and help us achieve the goal of attaining Nirvana.

We have tried to present all the concepts that are correct as per our knowledge and understanding and experience as Buddhist practitioners. Everything in this book is purely Buddhist teachings and our addition is only the practicing part of the teachings.

Though this book is titled attaining Nirvana, we have made all efforts to make each step of the process of attaining Nirvana fruitful and helpful to everyone.

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