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  • Ten Parmitas

    ***Active (Right Hand fingers)***1. Energy (viriya) – little finger 2. Generosity (dana) – ring finger3. Moral conduct (sila) – middle finger4. Determination (adhitthana) – index finger5. Wisdom (paññā) – thumb ***Passive (Left hand fingers)***1. Equanimity (Upekkha) – little finger2. Renunciation (nekkhamma) – ring finger3. Loving-kindness (metta) – middle finger4. Truthfulness (sacca) – index finger5. Patience […]

  • 6: Meditation on Brahma Viharas

    Karuna, Metta, Upekka and Mudita are four kinds of Brahma Viharas or heavenly abodes (or states of mind). Essence of any one of them cannot be grasped without knowing the other three Brahma Viharas. Karuna: Karuna is compassion for all people and beings who are less gifted than us and are suffering. It helps us […]