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  • Ten Parmitas

    ***Active (Right Hand fingers)***1. Energy (viriya) – little finger 2. Generosity (dana) – ring finger3. Moral conduct (sila) – middle finger4. Determination (adhitthana) – index finger5. Wisdom (paññā) – thumb ***Passive (Left hand fingers)***1. Equanimity (Upekkha) – little finger2. Renunciation (nekkhamma) – ring finger3. Loving-kindness (metta) – middle finger4. Truthfulness (sacca) – index finger5. Patience […]

  • 5: The Practice Chart

    The aim of this chart is to be aware of our deeds/karma as it is being done. In our daily life we are not aware whether what we have done is good or bad karma. With the help of this chart we can see all the karma that we have done after it has been […]